Three Bedrooms Floor Layout Plans

In the initial stage of launch, it is decided to furnish 3 bedroom homes developed in the construction area of 1690 sq ft and plot area of 1400 sq ft. These abodes are created significantly with modern techniques and contemporary architecture. People living in this place will enjoy a lavish private lifestyle plunged with high-end amenities. Spacious master bedroom, children room, guest room, living room, terrace, dining room, lavatory, bathroom, covered garage, garden area, and utility spaces are planned in these residences. Damac Akoya Imagine Villas are encompassed by beautiful serenity of its apt location and breathtaking views of landscapes all around.

Akoya Imagine Villa Floor Area Dimensions

Unit type Ground floor First floor Balcony/Terrace GF covered terrace Covered garage Total area
RR-EE 453.59 594.17 249.19 217.54 172.22 1,686.71
RR-EM 453.59 594.17 249.19 217.54 172.22 1,686.71
RR-M 460.05 587.71 243.27 211.51 159.52 1,662.06


RR-EE Ground Floor
RR-EE First Floor
RR-EM Ground Floor
RR-EM First Floor
RR-M Ground Floor
RR-M First Floor